To farmers

We offer direct buying and wool brokering services to farmers in both Lesotho and South Africa. In Lesotho we have established strong links with merchants and shearers. We buy wool for our own use as well as for trading

To the textile industry

We supply a variety of wool products to many clients in the textile industry worldwide. Our clients operate in various sectors of the industry: fashion, formal dress, knitwear, sportswear, home textile, carpet and rugs, technical textile etc.

Services categories

Our services are mostly centered around the needs and demands of Basotho wool and mohair merchants. We use a people centered process. We provide a wide range of services that are required to handle and process both wool and mohair from a raw to a finished good. Some of the many services we provide are mentioned and briefly explained below.

Sheep & Goat breeding

At highlands wool and mohair, we are specialists at breeding both merino sheep and angora goats

Wool & mohair trading

We buy wool and mohair from local farmers and merchants. We sell and auction fibres to international clients.

Export wool & mohair

We transport precious fibres from Lesotho to ports in South africa, from there, the fibres are shipped to other continents.

Sheep & Goat shearing

We own multiple shearing sheds in the highlands of Lesotho, where we shear and store precious fibres.