About Us


A wool and mohair trading company

Highlands Wool and Mohair is a wool and mohair company that focuses on high-value animal-based natural products for the fashion and clothing industry – Wool and Mohair . Our company prides itself on its values: honesty and equality for all life. Our ambition is to put this awareness into action and, therefore, we consider all life in all that we do. We ensure our natural products are sustainably sourced to preserve the animals and the people who depend on them. We respect our partners and community networks. Our business takes place within the guidelines of ethical trade and traceability.

Our mission

Highlands Wool and Mohair is committed to sustainable bioprospecting and ethical benefit sharing. Within communities, we are creating significant sustainable economic opportunities where no other ones exist. Trade is far more valuable and appreciated than aid in these communities. We ensure that our customers receive only the finest, highest quality products available and we also ensure end-to-end quality control processes are in place to consistently meet our customers’ expectations.





Taelo Ramoruti

CEO & Co-Founder

A well-seasoned serial entrepreneur with vast experience in corporate business leading highly functional teams. Financial expert with multi industrial background including Automotive, FMCG, Manufacturing, NGOs, Financial services and of course the Wool and Mohair industry. Corporate Secretary at the Board of Maluti Mountain Brewery, Board Member of the Lesotho Mohair Trust, Vice Chairman of Farmers Rock Wool and Mohair Traders Association and Associate Director for Top Thrive Holdings. Academics include, Postgraduate in Business Management, Bcom Accounting and certificate in Wool Processing and Wool Fiber Science.

Tiile Mpeke

Director & Co-Founder

A wool and mohair expert and experienced Merino and Angora farmer. Responsible for ethical and sustainable sourcing and procurement of the fibers. Tiile is constantly in the local communities leading highly functional team and merchants. With vast experience in Wool trading coupled with his business acumen, he leads a successful team to ensure the right type of fiber is sourced in the right quantities. Certified in mohair classing and having been to trade shows and exhibitions both in Lesotho and South Africa, he also understands industry dynamics and complexities.